Original Spare PartsOriginal Spare Parts

Original Spare Parts

At Copytech, we understand that reliability and cost-effectiveness are key factors in choosing the machines that meet your needs. We service your Konica Minolta machines with genuine spare parts, ensuring the highest level of quality and accuracy for your printers.

Original Spare Parts

As an official partner of Konica Minolta we are using only original spare parts to maintain machines of our customers. According to our commitment to compliance with the manufacturer's repair specifications and warranty, you will benefit from highly reliable machines saving you aditional costs over time.

Directly From Official Distributor1. Directly From Official Distributor
As an offical partner, we have direct access to all original Konica Minolta spare parts and can carry out repairs not only quickly but also cost-effectively.
Longevity Guaranteed2. Longevity Guaranteed
Repairs by trained specialists increase the cost-effective longevity of your appliances and guarantee you the best possible results.
First Class Costumer Support3. First Class Costumer Support
As an official partner, we can guarantee first class customer support. Our teams are trained according to high manufacturer specifications and have access to official repair documents.
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Get your printer with RelaxRate

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