Rent your printer with RelaxRateRent your printer with RelaxRate

Rent your printer with RelaxRate

Our RelaxRate service allows you to rent a printer in Lebanon and gain access to a range of benefits such as delivery & installation, maintenance and included toner. Just choose the package that is right for you and we will handle the rest!

Why should I rent my printer from Copytech?

No matter the size of your company, saving money and adding value will always help your company grow. Renting your printer through RelaxRate unlocks all these benefits that are here to support your day-to-day business giving you peace of mind.
Monthly payments1. Monthly payments
Choose the contract volume and duration that is right for your business. For a low-cost monthly fee, you receive your preferred printer as well as our valuable services.
Reliable repair services.2. Reliable repair services.
You can rely on our remote support or on-site services to address any issues no matter where you are located our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair your printer efficiently.
Free installation & maintenance3. Free installation & maintenance
When you rent with Copytech, we work with you every step of the way. We will install your chosen printer for free, provide on-site training to your team, offer maintenance and on-site technical support.
Included Toner4. Included Toner
With RelaxRate, your toner orders are included in the montly price and will be delivered by us. Lean on us so that you can focus on offering the best service to your customers.
Free delivery5. Free delivery
Pick your perfect printer and we manage the delivery free of charge. Get a high-quality printer straight to your office, for no additional charge.
Manufacturer warranty6. Manufacturer warranty
We have got you covered. When you rent any printer with RelaxRate, our manufacturer warranty keeps you covered for your entire contract. If you ever need any repair or maintenance, our team will be ready to help.

Choose your RelaxRate package

How much do you print? Choose from one of three options based on your print needs.
1. RelaxRate - Small
starting from 77 USD / month

Ideal for occasional printing. This low-cost option provides a limited number included pages per month.
2. RelaxRate - Medium
starting from 89 USD / month

Rely on enough included pages per month for small or medium businesses that need to print daily.
3. RelaxRate - Large
starting from 106 USD / month

Suitable for businesses with a high print demand. 
Check all included services

What else does RelaxRate include?

Renting is a different way of accessing a printer without any down payment or loan. In addition to the printer, your monthly fee covers all the benefits you can see below. We take care of your printer, you boost your business.
BuyRent packages
Free printer delivery to final locationIncludedIncluded
Installation service
Printer on-site installation and activationIncludedIncluded
Installation of driver on one PC/ server, notebook and other deviceup to 3 devicesup to 3 devices
User TrainingIncludedIncluded
Toner delivered with device for first usageIncludedIncluded
Free toner ordering (never run out of toner)ExcludedIncluded
Free paper, staples, etc.ExcludedExcluded
Full Service
Free ad-hoc repairs, regular and preventive maintenance (incl. call-out charges, labor, parts, etc.)
Free drums and other spare parts (except supplies)ExcludedIncluded
Printer pick up from location after runtimeExcludedIncluded
Help & Support
Remote support during working hours (Mo-Fr 08-17)IncludedIncluded
Average response time in hours
next business daynext business day
Invoicing and payment
Regular invoicing RelaxRate periodnot applicableMonthly
Additional invoicing when you reached your prepaid limitnot applicableYearly

How do I rent a printer with RelaxRate?

Select and define1. Select and define
Select the printer that meets your needs. Define your options. How many pages do you print monthly? Choose your contract duration. Start with selection.
Order2. Order
Order your printer and choose your contract type online.
Arrange and delivery3. Arrange and delivery
We get in touch with you to arrange a delivery time that is convenient for you. We deliver and install your new printer.
Print and relax4. Print and relax
Print high-quality documents. Lean back, relax and enjoy the benefits of included toner, free maintenance & repair and support helpdesk.

What else you can benefit from?

Free user training1. Free user training
Lean on Konica Minolta to master your printer. Benefit from the free user training that is provided when you rent with RelaxRate.
Original spare parts2. Original spare parts
To keep your Konica Minolta Machine up and running, we use original spare parts to ensure high performance of your printer.
Quick response time3. Quick response time
Need fast support? We get back to you within one business day for any rental request. Your business is our priority. So we will make sure you will not be left waiting.

What do our customers say about our RelaxRate packages?

Copytech commitment and dedication to quality and professional customer service are unparalleled. For us, it was very important to find an enterprise that could stand up to the demands of our business, and Copytech has certainly delivered on that. Our long-term partnership with them stands as a testament to our trust and satisfaction in their products and services. 
The customer service exceeded my expectations. 
Maliks and Doculand, Naji Deeb

We appreciate your quick response whenever we have a new request or an incident.  
We appreciate the quick response, expertise, and availability when it comes to copier hardware issues.  

Murex, Dory El Selfani

Frequently asked questions

Can I change my RelaxRate package during my contract?
Once your contract has begun, you are not able to change the RelaxRate package.
Can I print as much as I want?
Your prepaid print volume is decided by your chosen RelaxRate package. Your print volume will be accumulated quarterly. If this exceeds your chosen prepaid volume for that quarter, a separate invoice will be sent.
Can I rent any printer with RelaxRate?
Not all of our printers are included within renting with RelaxRate. Some of the printers you can only buy. See our range of RelaxRate printers here.
How do I install my new printer?
If you rent your printer with RelaxRate, Copytech will take care of the delivery and installation of your new printer for free. Copytech will get in contact with you to arrange a delivery and installation date. See more information here.
What do I do if I have a maintenance issue?
In case of a maintenance issues please contact our helpdesk and we will handle the repair for free. See more information here.
Is there an option to buy the printer after my contract ends?
Once your RelaxRate contract ends we will pick-up your printer for free. We do not offer the option to buy this printer after the contract ends.
What payment options are there for RelaxRate?
You can pay cash or transfer money after delivery. For RelaxRate, you will get every month an invoice.
Will my rented printer be new?
Yes, all printers included within our RelaxRate packages are new.
How do I get my invoices?
Your invoices will be sent via e-mail or mail.
Can I change the billing date?
No, we will always charge at the beginning of the month.
Is there any way to change the contract of the packages to save money?
We have compiled our RelaxRate packages in a way that you will have best cost-quality-ratio, including all services that give you freedom of mind and focus on your business instead of taking care of your printing. The packages include different volume of prepaid pages to fit them perfectly to your printing needs. Other components of the RelaxRate are not configurable as they are covering most valuable services which we recommend for every type of business. For more details please check here.
What connectivity do Konica Minolta printers have?
We offer a variety of printers using USB, LAN, WiFi, Google Print, Air Print and Bluetooth connectivity.
Is toner delivery free of charge?
With our RelaxRate or purchase you can fully rely on our quick toner ordering and delivery service. The toner delivery is free of charge.
Let’s talk about your printing. Feel free to contact us!
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