Centralized print management with advanced document capture and comprehensive scanning workflows in a single solution to reduce costs, increase document security and boost company-wide productivity


YSoft SafeQ is a workflow solutions platform
designed for organizations looking to manage and reduce print services costs, create more efficient and digital workflows, increase document security across printer fleets.


The YSoft SafeQ Platform offers


Centralized print management to reduce print costs by at least 30%, increase document security, and improve productivity. Includes pull-printing to print from any device and fact-based usage audits


Improves workflow productivity with automated document capture and delivery, enforces digital security governance and speeds up document search and retrieval



SAFEQ Cloud makes streamlining your print infrastructure, eliminating print servers, and incorporating cloud technologies fast and easy.
Soft SAFEQ Cloud gives you serverless web printing, amped-up security, and automated IT tasks behind the scenes featuring easy printing for everyone, from anywhere, whenever you need.



Print servers and drivers cost thousands every year—not to mention the time it takes to maintain. SAFEQ Cloud is a SaaS solution that scales up or down as your needs evolve, freeing you from pricey and unnecessary hardware.


With pure cloud terminals, devices connect directly to SAFEQ Cloud, allowing your users to print and scan from their devices via a secure cloud connection. With this integration, users can securely and quickly print documents, without the need for additional infrastructure.


Make scanning a simple choice. With SAFEQ Cloud's multi-vendor document capture, your documents will be accurately captured and automatically sent to the right, pre-authorized destinations. It takes care of everything from capture to distribution, so you don't have to worry about a thing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our printing costs are unpredictable. How can a print management solution help us control expenses?
A print management solution allows you to set print quotas, track usage, and generate detailed reports. By implementing cost-saving measures, such as duplex printing and restricting color printing, you gain better control over expenses. 
How can we ensure the security of sensitive documents when using a shared printer?
Print management solutions often offer secure print features, requiring users to authenticate themselves at the printer before releasing their print jobs. This ensures that confidential documents are not left unattended on the printer tray. 
Managing multiple printers across the organization is challenging. How can a print management solution streamline this process?
Print management systems centralize printer fleet management, providing a single interface to monitor and control all devices. This includes tracking supplies, scheduling maintenance, and optimizing printer usage for better efficiency. 
We are looking to reduce our environmental footprint. How can a print management solution help us be more sustainable?
Print management solutions support environmentally-friendly practices by promoting duplex printing, enforcing print policies to reduce unnecessary printing, and providing insights into resource usage to help implement eco-friendly strategies.
We need to allocate printing costs to specific departments or projects. How can a print management solution help with job accountability?
Print management solutions offer detailed reporting features that allow you to allocate printing costs accurately. By assigning costs to specific users, departments, or projects, you can gain insights into resource consumption and optimize budgets accordingly.
Our users often experience delays due to print queues. How can a print management solution enhance user productivity?
Print management solutions optimize print queues, prioritize urgent jobs, and reroute print jobs to less busy printers. This reduces waiting times and ensures that critical documents are printed promptly. 
How can we ensure that our print processes comply with industry regulations, and how does the solution address document security?
Print management solutions often include features for compliance reporting, ensuring that your printing practices adhere to industry regulations. Additionally, secure print options, user authentication, and encryption help safeguard sensitive documents.
Our workforce needs the flexibility to print from mobile devices. Can a print management solution accommodate this?
Yes, many print management solutions support mobile printing. Users can print from smartphones or tablets, improving flexibility and meeting the needs of a mobile workforce while still maintaining print management controls. 
Our printers often experience downtime, impacting our workflow. How does a print management solution help with printer maintenance and reliability?
Print management solutions provide proactive monitoring, alerting administrators to potential issues before they cause downtime. Additionally, automated maintenance scheduling helps ensure that printers are regularly serviced, minimizing disruptions to workflow. 
We have limited insights into our printing activities. How can a print management solution provide better visibility and analytics?
Print management solutions offer comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. You can gain insights into usage patterns, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize printing infrastructure and reduce costs. 
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