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Are looking to shift volumes from conventional presses to digital , AccurioLabel offers outstanding productivity, brilliant image quality, surprising ease of use: it is the perfect fit for new market expansion.
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The benefits of digital label printing

Customization is the number one key differentiator for many industries these days. Manufacturers are taking advantage of new technologies to deliver short-run products to customers and, even in mass-produced items, the right label can tell an entire story about a product.

Labels are the physical representation of a brand; they tell consumers everything they need to know about the product, and they differentiate the product even in a crowded market. Some of the world’s most successful brands are recognizable by their labels alone. This highlights the crucial importance of getting labels right.
Some labels need to quickly send a brand message or differentiate a product. Others need to convey a large amount of information in a relatively small space. All labels need to be high quality and reliable. Most importantly, they need to make the product stand out on the shelf and create a connection with the consumer. This can be achieved with decorative effects like spot UV and foiling which can now like labels, be done digitally.
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